Apokrifi Engineering Service

Precast design and structural outsourcing services

Jelena Damnjanović

Project Manager / Internal Monitoring Engineer / Tehnical Representative of Investors to invest

Consulting in all procedures regulated by the Law on Planning and Construction – procedures in Real estate cadastre centres and services, geodetic survey, geomehanical testing, providing all necessary technical conditions and agreement for projecting in Public Enterprices (Company for Electricity Distribution,Heating Plant,Water Supply and Sewerage,Institute of Urbanism, Ministry of Interior- sector of Emengercy , etc.), work on contract with Land development public agency, provide urbanistic condition and agreement, building permit, consulting and coordination in conceptual designing and main project, work on tenders and contracts with contractors, suppliers for material and equipment, consulting in building construction,coordinating between investor,financial service, main monitoring engineer, contractor, competent inspections,consulting in procedures of technical acceptance and occupancy, and consulting in procedure of registering object.

Projects involved:

Comercial and Living complex ‘MS Strong Construction’ Blok 65

Warehouse and office complex ‘Michelin-Tigar Tyrees' Pirot
Warehouse and office complex ‘MILŠPED WH3' Krnješevci
Factory for produce scotch tape office complex ‘Vibac' Jagodina
Production / warehouse and office complex ' Pakom ' Niš
Production / warehouse and office complex ' LMB SOFT ' Niš
Sports hall, kindergartenes, laboratory hospital etc

Full performance, skills, abilities, professional training and personal characteristics:

Graduate Engineer's Licence for construction works 410, SPECIALIST EXAM in front of the Commissions appointed by the competent Ministry of Capital Investments and Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (2007)

• Good in using Auto Cad, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel
• English language
• Chinese language ( first level, and during the second course now )
• Driving licence,B (1994)
• April 2009 – Dusseldorf, Germany - CREATON ”Eternit Akademi”
• September 2008 - Utrecht, Netherlands – “BouwBeurs”
• April 2006 - Guangzhou,China - “China Import and Export Canton Fair”
• October 2005 - Limassol, Cyprus - “Pamarex Trading Co.LTD“
• October 2005 - Guangzhou,China - “China Import and Export CantonFair”
• October 2004 - Limassol,Cyprus - “Pamarex Trading Co.LTD“
• Thorough knowledge of general legal principles, practices, and procedures; thorough knowledge of modern methods used in keeping and checking financial records and reports; good knowledge of practices,procedures and policies pertaining to Law on Planning and Construction; ability to handle administrative details independently; ability to plan, assign and supervise works; excellent analitycal and problem-solving skills; good communication skills; team player with ability to adapt and learn.